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Imagine humans and robots working together in a fenceless industrial environment?

This scenario main sound like science fiction, but it is our near future. Industrial robots have been in the market for a long time, and they have demonstrated their capacity to meet the needs of different applications, offering a high degree of dexterity, accuracy and efficiency. It is in the case of large production batches, repetitive operations or risky or unpleasant working conditions where their introduction has been more significant.

When the application requires the collaboration between the robot and the worker, including workspace sharing, it is not feasible to use standard industrial robots due to safety being compromised. Recently, some safe robots have appeared in the market, but they lack flexibility or are very expensive.

FourByThree aims to create robotic solutions that are intrinsically safe, as well as flexible, modular and efficient, to be used by workers in fenceless industrial environments. The robots resulting from the project will be tested in four pilot implementations, three of them corresponding to production industries, and a living lab for experimenting with a big number of subjects.

FourByThree will not only prove that robots are capable of collaborating safely with humans, but also have a positive impact on different aspects such as working conditions, productivity and quality of production. As an underlying objective, FourByThree also aims to overcome cultural barriers and present human-robot collaboration as a possible, positive future.

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