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Exploitable results

    FourByThree results

    Among others, results from the project FourByThree include:

    • Safe actuators
    • Integration of user modeling inside a control architecture for safe planning and execution
    • Multimodal interaction mechanisms
    • Open architecture, simulation and programming environment
    • Advanced learning by demonstration
    • Variable stiffness control for modular industrial robots
    • Probabilistic motion planning
    • On-line real time motion interpolation
    • Force based control algorithms / sensorless lead through programming
    • Projection based safety system specified for user interaction


    Results from the FourByThree project have been implemented in four pilot scenarios. All of them are real industrial settings focusing on different activities such as collaborative machine tending, riveting, welding, assembly and deburring.


    ALFA scenario: Collaborative assembly and deburring

    STODT scenario: Collaborative machine tending

    PREMIUM AEROTEC scenario: Collaborative riveting

    WOLL scenario: Collaborative welding