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IK4-TEKNIKER (Coordinator)

Polo Tecnológico de Eibar
Calle Iñaki Goenaga, 5
20600 Eibar, Gipuzkoa
Contact person (Iñaki Maurtua): inaki.maurtua@tekniker.es

IK4-TEKNIKER is a technological centre legally constituted as a private not-for-profit Foundation that aims at the development and transfer of technology to improve the competitiveness of industry. In line with its missions and origins, IK4-TEKNIKER not only provides companies with technological support, but is also involved in generating new business initiatives, which are usually technological and, often, “spin offs” of the centre itself.

Robotic technologies have been identified as drivers in competitiveness either in the industrial sector as well as in others, such as agriculture, health and transport. IK4-TEKNIKER has been participating in both national and European projects in the field of Advanced Industrial and Service Robotics. The research group mainly involved in the project is the Smart and Autonomous System Unit (SAI).

IK4-TEKNIKER acts as project coordinator of FourByThree, with extensive experience as coordinator in many other European projects such as ROBOFOOT (www.robofoot.eu) and MAINBOT (www.mainbot.eu).