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Alfa Precision Casting

Alfa Precision Casting (APC) is part of the industrial division of Alfa Group, a corporation that has been in the market for more than 90 years. APC is specialized in the manufacturing of metal parts by the investment casting technology, with three different activity areas:

  • Steel investment casting, basically oriented to the automotive industry, as well as to other sectors like elevators, machine-tool components, etc
  • Aluminium and superalloy investment casting, basically oriented to the aeronautic and defence sectors
  • Precision machining of low series of cast parts

APC develops in-house the whole investment casting process, from tooling design and fabrication to the manufacturing and finishing of the parts, including quality control. For this purpose, the company is equipped with cutting-edge manufacturing technology: wax injectors, lining chain and robot, autoclave for wax removal, pre-heating ovens, melting furnaces, cleaning machines, heat treatment furnaces, dimensional checking devices and non-destructive control equipment with x-ray diffraction and dye penetrate facilities.