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National Research Council of Italy

CNR, the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche / Italian National Research Council, is participating in the FourByThree Project through two of its research groups/facilities.

CNR-ITIA performs strategic activities of scientific research and technological development for the competitiveness and sustainability of Italian and European manufacturing Industries. IRAS (Robotics Division) develops technologies for effective, robust and safe robot-environment and robot-human interaction. The integration of sensorial information into behavioral models and controls of robots enables the intuitive, robust and flexible use of robots in context-aware applications and a natural, transparent and safe workspace sharing.

CNR-ISTC, the CNR Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology located in Rome, participates through the Planning and Scheduling Technology Lab (PST), founded in 1997 and focused on automated and interactive techniques for planning problems, integrated timeline-based architectures, constraint programming, mixed-initiative problem solving.