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Project progress

    FourByThree project progress

    FourByThree is a large scale cooperative project. The work plan has been divided into 10 Work Packages (WPs), including research, design and pilot implementations, management, dissemination and exploitation. This chart displays project progress, as of Month 24 (December 2016).

    WP1: User centered human robot collaboration architecture
    T1.1: User centered strategies for safe human robot collaboration completed
    T1.2: Task and skill analysis and representation completed
    T1.3: System architecture completed
    T1.4: Safety Certification: initial analysis completed
    T1.5: Experiment design and validation procedures completed
    WP2: Design tools for safe and collaborative customizable robotic solutions
    T2.1: Robot design completed
    T2.2: Part and production process design for collaborative assembly completed
    T2.3: Identification tools in progress
    T2.4: Simulation tools in progress
    WP3: Modular robot control for Safe and collaborative manufacturing
    T3.1: Robot low level control completed
    T3.2: Motion planning and control in progress
    T3.3: High level control functions in progress
    WP4: Safe and collaborative interaction framework
    T4.1: Robot, Human and Environment monitoring for safe collaboration completed
    T4.2: Gesture and voice based interaction in progress
    T4.3: Force based interaction: Manual guidance in progress
    T4.4: Task planning, monitoring and re-planning in progress
    T4.5: Graphical UI in progress
    WP5: Programming modular collaborative robots
    T5.1: Programming framework completed
    T5.2: Advanced learning by demonstration completed
    WP6: Integration of components: Prototype development
    T6.1: Scenario analysis and specifications in detail completed
    T6.2: Risk analysis in progress
    T6.3: Components manufacturing and purchasing in progress
    T6.4: Integration of components in progress
    T6.5: System deployment in progress
    WP7: Experiments and validation
    T7.1: Continuous Experimentation Lab completed
    T7.2: Experiment execution: Pilot study 1 in progress
    T7.3: Experiment execution: Pilot study 2 in progress
    T7.4: Experiment execution: Pilot study 3 in progress
    T7.5: Benchmarking activity and coordination with on-going initiatives in progress
    WP8: Dissemination and communication
    T8.1: Communication strategy definition in detail completed
    T8.2: General public dissemination in progress
    T8.3: Industry oriented dissemination in progress
    T8.4: Scientific dissemination in progress
    WP9: Exploitation plan development
    T9.1: Technology and Market Watch in progress
    T9.2: Exploitation plan development in progress
    T9.3: Analysis and application of the strategy through follow up funding in progress
    WP10: Administrative and Technical Management
    T10.1: Administration and methodologies for integrating project activities completed
    T10.2: Management and coordination in progress