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June 2016

Performance Evaluation of Human Detection Systems for Robot Safety

Complete article Abstract: Detecting and tracking people is becoming more important in robotic applications because of the increasing demand for collaborative work in which people interact closely with and in the same workspace as robots. New safety standards allow people to work next to robots, but require that they be protected from harm while they do so. Sensors that detect and track people are a natural way of implementing the …Read More

DHL runs warehouse pilot with collaborative robots

Source: Institution of Mechanical Engineers Two robots supported the pickers by carrying the weight and automatically dropping off the orders once fully loaded DHL has successfully run a pilot test including robot technology for collaborative automated order picking at its warehouse in Unna, Germany. The robot, called EffiBOT from the French start-up Effidence, is a fully automated trolley that follows pickers through the warehouse and takes care of most of …Read More

FourByThree at AUTOMATICA trade fair 2016 (press release)

FourByThree will present its innovative approach to the production and design of modular, safe and efficient collaborative robots for industrial settings. The European project FourByThree will be present at Automatica trade fair in Munich, June 21 to 24, 2016. FourByThree will display the most relevant components of the modular, safe and efficient robotic solutions that are being developed within the project. The first hardware kit and a 5 DoF robotic …Read More

Collaborative robots key to factories of the future: ABB

Source: Asmag The factory of the future will be characterized by low volume, high-quality products as customers begin to demand products that are customized and unique, delivered at a fast pace. In such a context, robots that can work along with humans in factories would play an important role in production. Speaking at a recent seminar on disruptive innovation, Steve Wyatt, Group VP of ABB Robotics elaborated on this as …Read More

Integrating Industrial Automation: What You Need to Know

Source: Engineering.com Manufacturers are in a constant struggle for efficiency and automation is their weapon of choice. How can a manufacturer integrate automation quickly and easily for the fastest possible implementation and ROI? Dynamic Group, a medical devices and precision products manufacturer from Ramsey, MN, asked themselves these same questions regarding their injection molding and packaging applications. “The main reason we automated was due to the shortage of qualified labor …Read More