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March 2015

9 new robotics research reports

Source: The Robot Report A flurry of 10 costly robotic research analyses offered by a variety of vendors were recapped in a previous post. Here are 9 additional reports for your review and consideration. [ComputerWorld wrote that Apple supplier Foxconn expects robots to take over up to 70% of its assembly line work within three years. Foxconn CEO Terry Gou confirmed this in news footage. Previously Gou said he hoped to one day deploy a “robot …Read More

FourByThree visit to German scenarios

Last week, members of the FourByThree consortium visited Germany to learn more about the German organizations taking part in the project and to analyze two of its scenarios: Woll and Premium Aerotec. The visit started at Woll’s facilities in Saarbrücken, where complex welding processes were displayed. The tour included a demonstration with a preexisting robot, which gave way to many technical debates regarding FourByThree’s contribution to this kind of scenario. …Read More