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Video update from Magdeburg, Germany

On October, members of the FourByThree consortium traveled to Magdeburg, Germany, for a plenary meeting hosted at Fraunhofer-IFF’s headquarters. This gathering was the perfect occasion to shoot a new video update on the project. In the video, project partners as well as EU expert Sasha Jevtic explain the project’s features, its current status and the next steps. Another video on the projection-based interaction and safeguarding system that Fraunhofer-IFF is developing was …Read More

FourByThree in Germany: New video update

Last month, members of the FourByThree consortium visited Germany to learn more about the organizations from this country that are taking part in the project, as well as to analyze two of its scenarios: Woll and Premium Aerotec. Together with some material for internal use, an informative video was recorded during the visit. This second video update on the project shows the converging visions of a company (Woll) and a …Read More

What is FourByThree? First video update

In this short video some partners explain the FourByThree project, their contribution and expectations, as well as the next steps. The video was shot during the internal kick-off meeting at IK4-TEKNIKER’s facilities in Eibar, Gipuzkoa, Spain. After the official kick-off meeting held in Brussels last month, another important milestone will be a visit to the German scenarios. The trip is scheduled for the first week of March and it will …Read More