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ISO/TS 15066:2016 takes a step closer to human-robot interaction

Source: Control Design The ISO/TS 15066 standard provides safety requirements specifically to robot suppliers and integrators on using collaborative industrial robot systems. The first solid step toward ensuring the safety of human workers in a collaborative robot system is TS 15066, a technical-specification (TS) document that provides supplemental and supporting information to the industrial robot safety standards ISO 10218-1 and ISO 10218-2, which were published in 2011. This technical specification …Read More

ISO/TS 15066. New safety requirements for a new era of industrial robots

Industrial robots have changed many of their characteristics during these last years, enabling the evolution of the automation technology, from the typical robotic applications where the robot is fully surrounded by a peripheral fence system, to the most advanced “cobots” available in the market. Today we can find robots working hand in hand with the operator to carry out manual tasks. In order to achieve such direct cooperation between human …Read More

Robots and humans can work together with new ISO guidance

Source: ISO Organization Human and robot system interaction in industrial settings is now possible thanks to ISO/TS 15066, a new ISO technical specification for collaborative robot system safety. Collaborative robotics is when automatically operated robot systems share the same workspace with humans. It therefore refers to a system or application rather than a particular type or brand of robot. Industrial robots do not include an “end effector”, that is, the device …Read More