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Robots At Work: A Look At Robot Safety (infographic)

Source: Robotic Industries Association With the proliferation of industrial robots in the workplace, robot safety is something of which all companies should be mindful. Learn how OSHA safety regulations came to be as we break down some of the industry’s largest milestones. No matter where you fall in the supply chain: supplier, system integrator, educator or user, the robotics industry can be prone to a number of specific types of …Read More

ISO/TS 15066. New safety requirements for a new era of industrial robots

Industrial robots have changed many of their characteristics during these last years, enabling the evolution of the automation technology, from the typical robotic applications where the robot is fully surrounded by a peripheral fence system, to the most advanced “cobots” available in the market. Today we can find robots working hand in hand with the operator to carry out manual tasks. In order to achieve such direct cooperation between human …Read More