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Robots At Work: A Look At Robot Safety (infographic)

Source: Robotic Industries Association

With the proliferation of industrial robots in the workplace, robot safety is something of which all companies should be mindful. Learn how OSHA safety regulations came to be as we break down some of the industry’s largest milestones.

No matter where you fall in the supply chain: supplier, system integrator, educator or user, the robotics industry can be prone to a number of specific types of accidents without the proper safety procedures in place. Let’s just say these accidents don’t come cheap. Find out which industry is responsible for the most violations, and the highest fines.

Powering Automation… Safely

Let’s face it, robotic technology has single handedly changed global production, especially over the last decade. With increased efficiency and lower costs, it’s safe to say that robotic assisted technology isn’t going anywhere and will continue to evolve. That makes it all the more important for us to interact with and utilize it safely and responsibly. Output will only be maximized once proper safety standards are upheld and evaluated.

As a robotics association, we feel it is our duty to help inform our members and the general public. Please take a moment to view the infographic. This is an easy way to double check the latest regulations, while making sure your company isn’t in violation of current codes. The OSHA website is a great reference for anyone that has industry specific questions.


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