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DHL Robots Sawyer and Baxter

Source: Rethink Robotics DHL employees may be getting an unusual Christmas present, following the European trial of “collaborative” warehouse robots. Supplied by Rethink Robotics, Sawyer and Baxter are warehouse robots being trialled across the continent on tasks including assembly, kitting, packaging and pre-retail services. A spokesperson for DHL told The Loadstar this morning that the robots would work alongside, rather than replace, staff in improving efficiencies across the supply chain. “Looking and …Read More

DHL runs warehouse pilot with collaborative robots

Source: Institution of Mechanical Engineers Two robots supported the pickers by carrying the weight and automatically dropping off the orders once fully loaded DHL has successfully run a pilot test including robot technology for collaborative automated order picking at its warehouse in Unna, Germany. The robot, called EffiBOT from the French start-up Effidence, is a fully automated trolley that follows pickers through the warehouse and takes care of most of …Read More