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FourByThree in Magdeburg, Germany

Last week, october 13-15, members of the FourByThree consortium traveled to Magdeburg, Germany, for a plenary meeting. This time the meeting took place at Fraunhofer-IFF’s impressive headquarters, near Otto von Guericke University. The meeting was attended by EU expert Sasha Jevtic, appointed by the European Commission to monitor the project and offer his advice.

One of the highlights in the visit was the tour to Fraunhofer-IFF’s facilities. All the members of the consortium had the chance to experience firsthand some of the projects where the institute has been working in the last few years, many of them within the field of robotics and, specifically, safe human-robot collaboration. Projection-based interaction and safeguarding is one IFF’s main fields of research, and FourByThree offers a new opportunity to take this technology even further.

During the meeting there was time to carry out technical discussions and workshops on architecture and control. The analysis of the industrial scenarios was also shared, and progress on each work package was discussed. A video update on the meeting in Magdeburg will soon be published.

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