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Discussing trends in human-robot collaboration

The upcoming week, on Friday the 2nd of October, FourByThree will be hosting a workshop on human-robot interaction at IROS 2015, which will be held at Congress Center Hamburg (CCH). Our workshop will focus on safety for human-robot collaboration and some renowned experts will present their reserach and experiments. You can already check the final agenda at fourbythree.eu/iros2015/

The workshop will be an excelent occasion to discuss issues such as existing safety standards and the best technologies to achieve safe robots. These issues are becoming more and more relevant because of the increase in the use of robots in industrial scenarios. They have even made headlines recently, because of unfortunate incidents like a deadly accident in a German plant.

Beyond the media buzz, experts agree on some important trends in the field. In this article, Frank Tobe highlights four main ideas: the broad recognition of the value of robotics within the business world, the impact of China’s massive incorporation of robots on production and sales, the success of vision-enhanced robotic systems, and the growing interest on human-robot collaboration.

What do you think? Which are, in you view, the most important trends in human-robot interaction? Join the conversation on October 2nd!

(Photo credit: Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation, IFF)

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