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FourByThee in Technishow, BIEMH and Automatica

The last few months have been quite busy for FourByThree, since we have attended three important events in the industrial sector: Technishow (Utrecht, The Netherlands, March 15-18), BIEMH (Bilbao, Spain, May 30-June 4) and Automatica (Munich, Germany, June 21-24). In the three of them we’ve had many conversations with people working for industrial companies, robotic companies or research institutions, among others. In the case of Technishow (in collaboration with STODT) …Read More

FourByThree workshop at Technishow 2016 (Netherlands)

FourByThree will attend Technishow 2016, which will be held in Utrecht, Netherlands, on March 15-18 2016. Project partner STODT, in collaboration with IK4-TEKNIKER, is leading the effort to prepare a stand where attendants will have the opportunity to work with a robot in a collaborative way. These demonstrations will provide our researchers with relevant information on the user experience. For the experiment, we will use a table, a collaborative robot …Read More