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FourByThree workshop at Technishow 2016 (Netherlands)

FourByThree will attend Technishow 2016, which will be held in Utrecht, Netherlands, on March 15-18 2016. Project partner STODT, in collaboration with IK4-TEKNIKER, is leading the effort to prepare a stand where attendants will have the opportunity to work with a robot in a collaborative way. These demonstrations will provide our researchers with relevant information on the user experience.

For the experiment, we will use a table, a collaborative robot plus gripper and vision system, as well as some parts and trays. Since the FourByThree robot will not be available by the tradeshow, a commercial Universal Robots UR10 model will be used.

Attendants will be asked to perform different tasks with the robot:

  • Pointing gesture: The participant first points one part and a target position. The robot moves the part from origin to destination.
  • Collaboration: The participant and the robot have to move different parts in the same working area, with the possibility of interferences.
  • Manual gidance: The participant moves by using his/her hands the robot above one part. The robot records the point and moves the part to a destination.

The objective of the experiment is to gain knowledge of human perception with respect fenceless robotics and collaboration mechanisms, by means of the test, observation and questionnaires. If you are attending Technishow 2016, please visit FourByThree’s stand and you’ll have the chance to experience human-robot collaboration first-hand!

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