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5 Takeaways from Automate 2017

Source: Robotiq Now that we’ve had time to reflect on Automate 2017, here are our 5 most significant takeaways from last week’s event. 1. It’s Cloud Or Bust  The vast majority of robot manufacturers are providing cloud-based services these days, from simple data backup to cloud-based data analysis. Probably the most dynamic example of this trend in action is the ‘in.control’ system developed by Tend robotics, which allows you to monitor, control, and …Read More

Discussing trends in human-robot collaboration

The upcoming week, on Friday the 2nd of October, FourByThree will be hosting a workshop on human-robot interaction at IROS 2015, which will be held at Congress Center Hamburg (CCH). Our workshop will focus on safety for human-robot collaboration and some renowned experts will present their reserach and experiments. You can already check the final agenda at fourbythree.eu/iros2015/ The workshop will be an excelent occasion to discuss issues such as …Read More