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FourByThree in Bremen, Germany

FourByThree’s latets plenary meeting started on Monday, April 18, and ended yesterday, April 20. This time, the meeting took place in Bremen, Germany, where DFKI’s (Deutsche Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz) headquarters are located. The goal of the meeting was to exchange information on different aspects of the project and to coordinate for the upcoming months.

During the meeting, progress on each work package was shared by partners, the final analysis of the pilot scenarios was presented, and bi-lateral and multi-lateral technical discussions were carried out. On the second day, the team split up so some of the partners attended a seminar on exploitation of project results, conducted by EU expert Spela Stres. The seminar combined a legal approach to the subject matter and a more practical workshop, where partners went deep into possible exploitation scenarios for different expected project results. Meanwhile, the rest of the team became familiar with the prototypes. The first prototype was already assembled and moving; the second one was assembled on site (in less than two hours) by project partners.

The next plenary meeting will be the half-project meeting (M18), and will probably be hosted by IK4-TEKNIKER.

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