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FourByThree successfully reaches end of project

Last Thursday, November 30th, the FourByThree consortium as well as its project officer and technical advisor gathered at IK4-TEKNIKER’s facilities for the final review meeting. During the meeting, all project results were reported and pilot scenarios were presented through videos and live demonstrations.

Integration Camp and Plenary Meeting

Last week, IK4-TEKNIKER hosted an Integration Camp and Plenary Meeting of the FourByThree consortium. During the Integration Camp the main components developed in the project by different partners were tested and integrated.

FourByThree collaborative robot almost ready

After the three initial prototypes, the first FourByThree robotic arm that will be used in the development of one of the four industrial cases is ready for deployment. In the coming weeks, the additional three will be available too. The arm has been mounted in ZEMA and it is now at DFKI for final tuning. The robot will then be sent to Eibar where there will be an Integration Camp …Read More

FourByThree plenary meeting in Milan

Last week, December 15 and 16, FourByThree’s project consortium gathered for a plenary meeting that was celebrated at CNR-ITIA’s heaquarters in Milan, Italy. The agenda focused on the main advances that have been carried out in the last few months in each of the project fields: modular design, actuators, programming framework, safety aspects, interaction, control and non-technical issues like the status of the four pilot scenarios, dissemination, exploitation and administration. …Read More

Update on the Mid Project Review Meeting

Yesterday, July 21 2016, FourByThree’s Mid Project Review Meeting was celebrated at IK4-TEKNIKER’s headquarters in Eibar, Basque Country, Spain. Instead of presenting each of the workpackages separatedly, the agenda was scheduled around the main areas of the project: modular design, actuators, programming framework, safety aspects, interaction, control and non-technical issues like the status of the four pilot scenarios, dissemination, exploitation and administration. Current status and foreseen activities were discussed for …Read More

Assembly of the second prototype (video update)

During the last plenary meeting at DFKI’s headquarters in Bremen, Germany (April 18-April 20 2016), project partners, lead by experts from ZeMa, assembled the second FourByThree prototype. The first prototype (already moving) was also available for project partners to analyze. This process of assembly helped the team become familiar with the different features of the robot and enabled some deep technical discussions. Many ideas for improvement emerged and will be …Read More

FourByThree in Bremen, Germany

FourByThree’s latets plenary meeting started on Monday, April 18, and ended yesterday, April 20. This time, the meeting took place in Bremen, Germany, where DFKI’s (Deutsche Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz) headquarters are located. The goal of the meeting was to exchange information on different aspects of the project and to coordinate for the upcoming months. During the meeting, progress on each work package was shared by partners, the final analysis …Read More

FourByThree in the European Robotics Forum (ERF 2016)

This year FourByThree will also attend the European Robotics Forum, which will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 21-23 March 2016. FourByThree will be present in the seventh edition of the congress within the context of the 3rd Workshop on Hybrid Production Systems. This workshop is dedicated to research projects which focus on Human-Robot collaboration. The workshop’s ultimate goal is to continue the dialogue among the projects themselves, as well …Read More

FourByThree on TV (Tecnopolis, EiTB, in Spanish)

Basque Public Television’s (EiTB’s) leading program on science and technology, Tecnopolis, featured a program on human-robot collaboration in industrial settings last Tuesday, February 16. The program was recorded at IK4-TEKNIKER’s headquarters, where different research projects on this field were presented by Iñaki Maurtua, Autonomous and Smart systems Manager, and Loreto Susperregi, Coordinator of Robotics. The video (in Spanish) succeeds at explaining the basics of human-robot collaboration, as well as some of …Read More

Video update from Magdeburg, Germany

On October, members of the FourByThree consortium traveled to Magdeburg, Germany, for a plenary meeting hosted at Fraunhofer-IFF’s headquarters. This gathering was the perfect occasion to shoot a new video update on the project. In the video, project partners as well as EU expert Sasha Jevtic explain the project’s features, its current status and the next steps. Another video on the projection-based interaction and safeguarding system that Fraunhofer-IFF is developing was …Read More