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FourByThree special session at ETFA 2017 (Cyprus)

For the second consecutive year, FourByThree will host a special session at IEEE’s conference on Emerging Technologies And Factory Automation (ETFA). This year, the conference will take place in Limassol (Cyprus), on September 12-15 2017.

FourByThree’s session focuses on safe human-robot collaboration, including currently available technologies, planning and scheduling, verification and dependability, long-term autonomy, as well as the human perspective (trust towards and acceptance of robotics systems).

The session aims to gather contributions in human-robot collaboration that respond to the challene of creating new technologies and robotic solutions based on innovative hardware and software, enforcing efficiency and safety. Such solutions should address real industrial needs, providing suitable applications in possible human-robot scenarios in a given workplace without physical fences, comprising both human-robot coexistence and collaboration.

There is an open call for papers for the session (deadline: April 9). Further information on the session is available at ETFA’s website.

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