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Aerospace Manufacturing on Board with Robots

Source: Robotics Industries Association Since the Wright Brothers’ first flight in 1903, to the SpaceX launch and land in 2015, aerospace has shot high. Lucky for us. Because the original biplanes were basically big kites, made from wood, wire and linen literally stitched together by teams of seamstresses. Yes, before Rosie the Riveter there was Sally the Seamstress, or Ida Holdgreve. Aircraft are still “stitched” together, but now their metallic …Read More

FourByThree at the Machining Tool Biennial (BIEMH, Bilbao), PILZ

FourByThree will be present at the Machining-Tool Biennial (BIEMH), which will take place in Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain), from May 30 to June 4, 2016. This edition will focus on the topic of Industry 4.0 and its impact on the sector. So far, 982 companies are listed as exhibitors. One of our project partners, PILZ, will hold a workshop on safe collaborative robots, with the support of Universal Robots and …Read More

Future jobs: How humans and robots will complement each other

Source: TechRepublic We often hear of automation replacing workers, but that’s only part of the story. Here’s how machines can work with humans, or free them up for higher-level tasks. Across the world, robots have replaced workers in factories, taken on the role of customer service agents in call centers, and, in the near future, will be driving our cars. But while factory workers, customer service specialists, and taxi drivers …Read More

Assembly of the second prototype (video update)

During the last plenary meeting at DFKI’s headquarters in Bremen, Germany (April 18-April 20 2016), project partners, lead by experts from ZeMa, assembled the second FourByThree prototype. The first prototype (already moving) was also available for project partners to analyze. This process of assembly helped the team become familiar with the different features of the robot and enabled some deep technical discussions. Many ideas for improvement emerged and will be …Read More

ISO/TS 15066:2016 takes a step closer to human-robot interaction

Source: Control Design The ISO/TS 15066 standard provides safety requirements specifically to robot suppliers and integrators on using collaborative industrial robot systems. The first solid step toward ensuring the safety of human workers in a collaborative robot system is TS 15066, a technical-specification (TS) document that provides supplemental and supporting information to the industrial robot safety standards ISO 10218-1 and ISO 10218-2, which were published in 2011. This technical specification …Read More

Robots and humans can work together with new ISO guidance

Source: ISO Organization Human and robot system interaction in industrial settings is now possible thanks to ISO/TS 15066, a new ISO technical specification for collaborative robot system safety. Collaborative robotics is when automatically operated robot systems share the same workspace with humans. It therefore refers to a system or application rather than a particular type or brand of robot. Industrial robots do not include an “end effector”, that is, the device …Read More

User-defined gestures for controlling primitive motions of an end effector

Complete article Abstract: In designing and developing a gesture recognition system, it is crucial to know the characteristics of a gesture selected to control, for example, an end effector of a robot arm. We conducted an experiment to collect a set of user-defined gestures and investigate characteristics of the gestures for controlling primitive motions of an end effector in human–robot collaboration. We recorded 152 gestures from 19 volunteers by presenting …Read More

Why the new ISO/TS 15066 is important for the robotics industry

Source: Robotiq Collaborative robots are relatively new and standards are usually long to write down, so it only make sense to have the new ISO/TS 15066 regulation freshly printed out in the last couple of weeks. As we are working with collaborative robots and are a part of the world of robotics, it makes sense to understand the importance of such a regulation and potential future standard. The regulation hopes to …Read More

5 Robotic Essentials for SME manufacturers

Source: Hannover Messe For small to mid-sized manufacturers, any gain in productivity can have a huge impact. Automation offers significant advantages, but many small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) believe that robotics is out of their reach. These organizations can’t afford large, complex robots that don’t fit within their limited floor space, that require specialized personnel to program and maintain them, and that are simply too expensive, with a payback period …Read More

FourByThree on TV (Tecnopolis, EiTB, in Spanish)

Basque Public Television’s (EiTB’s) leading program on science and technology, Tecnopolis, featured a program on human-robot collaboration in industrial settings last Tuesday, February 16. The program was recorded at IK4-TEKNIKER’s headquarters, where different research projects on this field were presented by Iñaki Maurtua, Autonomous and Smart systems Manager, and Loreto Susperregi, Coordinator of Robotics. The video (in Spanish) succeeds at explaining the basics of human-robot collaboration, as well as some of …Read More